I’m very excited about my forthcoming single entitled ‘Red’, which is due for release on the April12th on Technique Recordings. It is a collaboration track with drum & bass producers Decoder & Substance and also features the vocal wizardry of MC Jakes!

I have worked with Darren and Markee (aka Decoder & Substance) on a number of tracks over the last ten years and I’ve always been impressed by their diversity in their productions, as they have released so many quality tunes under a lot of different guises.

When Markee first sent me the instrumental for ‘Red’ I instantly loved it. Jakes had recorded his vocal and thus created the concept of ‘Red’, which I think everyone who listens to it can relate to and create their own context for. The build up to and anticipation of something about to begin, something exciting, powerful, fun and LOUD! 🙂

So when it came to my part, I just wanted to write a vocal which would compliment all the elements that were already there and add to the overall vibe of the track, getting the balance right. I’m really pleased with the way the final mix has turned out and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it too!

By the way, the remixes in this package are absolutely superb! Kronology and Document One have done some amazing work, which has already received support from Radio 1, which is well deserved, in my opinion 😉

So roll on April 12th and go grab yourself a copy!

Thanks for your support 🙂



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